Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments (EBTT)
Postgraduate Course and Scientific Workshop
Ljubljana, November 10—16 2019.
13th Edition




International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments

President elect:
Luis Mir
Officers: Biological sciences:
Marie-Pierre Rols; Maja Čemažar





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Recent publications

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Markelc B, Bellard E, Sersa G, Jesenko T, Pelofy S, Teissié J, Frangez R, Rols MP, Cemazar M, Golzio M. Increased permeability of blood vessels after reversible electroporation is facilitated by alterations in endothelial cell-to-cell junctions. J Control Release. 76:30-41 (2018)

Teissié J, Miklavcic D. Special issue on bacterial inactivation. Bioelectrochemistry. 123:260.  (2018)

Čemažar M, Serša G, Frey W, Miklavčič D, Teissié J. Recommendations and requirements for reporting on applications of electric pulse delivery for electroporation of biological samples. Bioelectrochemistry 122: 69-76 (2018)

Dermol-Černe J, Miklavčič D, Reberšek M, Mekuč P, Bardet SM, Burke R, Arnaud-Cormos D, Leveque P, O'Connor R. Plasma membrane depolarization and permeabilization due to electric pulses in cell lines of different excitability. Bioelectrochemistry 122: 103-114, (2018)

Rems L, Viano M, Kasimova MA, Miklavčič D, Tarek M. The contribution of lipid peroxidation to membrane permeability in electropermeabilization: A molecular dynamics study. Bioelectrochemistry 125: 46-57, (2019)

Pasquet L, Chabot S, Bellard E, Markelc B, Rols, M-P., Reynes J-P, Tiraby G, Couillaud F, Teissié J, Golzio M. Safe and efficient novel approach for non-invasive gene electrotransfer to skin. Scientific reports, 8: 2045-2322 (2018)



 3rd World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine, and Food & Environmental Technologies

Toulouse, September 3 –6 , 2019

Marie-Pierre Rols



- Dr Lluis M. MIR, for CNRS, France,

- Pr Damijan MIKLAVCIC, for UL, Slovenia.